Jenn. 21. FL.

Hockey. Doctor Who. Merlin. Game of Thrones. Orphan Black. Reign. My Mad Fat Diary. Torchwood. True Blood. Being Human UK. Teen Wolf.

Hockey is life. #1Tampa Bay Lightning, always. #2Arizona Coyotes. I love Goalies. Ryan Miller. Mike Smith is my hockey husband.




me when buying something over $10: do i need this? do i need any material objects? will this matter when i face the great abyss?


do you ever cry when you see a picture of a player who used to be a part of your team 


what i love the most about classic doctor group shots is that they’re always this group of funny old men and then suddenly BAM PAUL MCGANN

i mean


one of those things is not like the others


this really cute customer came in today and i asked him how he was paying and he said ‘hasta la visa baby’ and then he blushed and cleared his throat and was like ‘um.. visa please’ and i kinda wanna marry him


got no problem with watching a full season of tv in one sitting but when it comes time to pick a movie im like “am i really ready to pay attention to something for two hours”

Me trying to express how I feel: Idk I just feel like...idk...idk man. Nvm I'm good.


"text me when you get home so i know you’re safe" kinda people are the people i wanna be around



wow it’s so cool that milan lucic has his own emoji


I’m on mobile but I’m assuming it’s the piece of shit emoji